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Well Necessities Food Intolerance Testing & Holistic Nutrition in Bracknell, Berkshire.  
Sam Marshall 
(PgDip, BSc, DipHNP, DipAIT Member FNTP)
Are the foods you eat making you ill?
In our modern lives, we have moved away from traditional foods and rely more on processed and fast foods.  That, mixed with the over use of antibiotics and an increasingly toxic environment means many people now suffer digestive problems that past generations did not experience, leading to a huge increase in digestive and immune problems such as IBS, Colitis, Reflux, Eczema, Asthma and Hayfever to name a few.  Problems with the gut have a huge impact on our body, physically, mentally and emotionally.  
I can help you identify food that may be causing you problems and then give you full support in implementing a safe and effective elimination diet.  Most importantly I will work with you to agree a healing nutritional programme, to help you regain your health and be able to reintroduce foods safely in the future.  
Food Intolerance Testing
Quick, painless with instant results, plus full nutritional consultation. 
Well Necessities Workshops
Learn more about using food everyday to regain to feel great and regain your health.
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