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Chocolate Chip Cookies - Grain Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Egg Free, SCD, Paleo and GAPS Friendly

I must confess these took a few goes to my recipe variations right, however I really didn't mind eating the mishaps as they all tasted fab.  This is my officially kid tested recipe that is just delicious and reminds me of Millies Cookies (which obviously we can no longer have).  I have used dark chocolate chips which do contain some sugar, so have also posted a GAPs Friendly version below for those avoiding any refined sugar/soya lecithin at all.  All versions are delicious!

Crispy Duck Wraps - Grain, Dairy, Sugar, Nut and Soya Free, GAPs and Paleo Friendly

I love crispy duck pancakes, but sadly the wheat and MSG does not love me.  I might love to eat it but the grumpy mood, sore tummy and sometimes headaches afterwards are not really worth it.  So I wanted to come up with some kind of alternative that could nearly hit the spot. 

Crispy Duck Pancakes

Makes 8 wraps (maybe more depending on how hungry you are)

1 whole ideally free range duck
1/2 cucumber
bunch of spring onions
4 tbsp. coconut aminos or tamari (wheat free soya sauce)
4 tbsp. light honey

Lemon and Raisin Loaf - Grain free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Sugar Free, GAPs & Paleo Friendly

My parents were coming to stay and they love their afternoon tea, so I wanted to make something we could all share.  This Lemon Loaf has turned out to be a great favourite and it very easy to make, being grain, nut and dairy free.

Lemon Cake

Makes 6 large slices

Equipment: hand blender, bowl, mixing spoon, loaf tin (small 6x4x2.5)

3 Eggs
2 tbsp. coconut oil or butter (melted)
2 tbsp coconut milk or yogurt
1 - 2 tbsp. honey
4 1/2 tbsp. coconut flour
zest of 1 lemon.
1tbsp lemon juice
1 handful of raisins

Home Remedies Part 2 - Aloe Vera for Skin and Bowel Health

Aloe Vera has many uses medicinally that date back hundreds of years.  It is most commonly used in skin preparations, from shampoo, deodorants, toothpaste to after sun.  Most commonly available in gel or liquid form, it can also be ingested and can be useful to help heal oral and gastrointestinal problems.  Gel can be used directly from the leaves if the plant is home grown. 

Common conditions that Aloe Vera can help are:

  • Eczema - gel applied onto the skin
  • Sun burn - gel applied to the skin

Sticky Toffee Pudding and Custard - Grain and Dairy Free, GAPs Friendly

As its getting colder you crave comfort foods and with my husband out for the evening I wanted to make a treat for the boys and I.  Whilst this pudding is not made with refined sugar, be warned does have quite a lot of natural sugars in, so is not suitable really for the first stages of GAPs or if you are eating a strictly Paleo Diet. 
Sticky Toffee Pudding and Custard
Makes - 4 large ramekin portions
Equipment - mixing bowl, small bowl x2, hand blender, ramekins, pan and spoon

GAPs, Paleo Pizza Chicken

"Oh no, not chicken again" Thomas moaned as I picked him up from school and asked what was for tea.  Oh dear I had better get my thinking hat on and make the chicken more exciting?!
We get our sausages and bacon online from a butcher in Devon calledDevon Rosewho used no sugar or nitrates as preservatives and I had some bacon that needed to be used.  After scouring the cupboards and fridge I settled on this combination and so mammy's pizza chicken was born!

GAPs, Paleo, Grain, Dairy and Sugar Free Savoury Pancakes

This recipe is actually adapted from one of my mum's recipes, and whilst the combination of foods at first looks odd, it does taste great!These are good hot or if you wrap them well do go in the fridge and can be taken in a packed lunch the next day. 
Makes 8 - 12 pancakes depending on pan size.
Equipment: bowl, hand blender, Frying pan, metal spatula
6 eggs
6 tsp coconut flour
coconut oil for frying
Mix the eggs and flour in the bowl with the hand blender.

Home Remedies Part 1 - Castor Oil Packing for Pain Relief

Castor oil has a long history of traditional medical use dating back to ancient Egypt. Derived from the castor bean (Ricinus communis), the oil was once used internally as a laxative but is now primarily used externally due to its potential toxicity.   Castor oil packs are used on the skin to increase circulation and to promote elimination and healing of the tissues and organs underneath the skin. They are also used to stimulate the liver, relieve pain, increase lymphatic circulation, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion.

Spiced Apple Cake & Custard - Paleo, GAPs, Dairy & Grain Free

We had a big box of apples my husband had collected from a friends tree and apart from apple sauce, I wanted to make something warm and comforting and quick to make. As I can now make my coconut flour cake recipe in my sleep I just made a couple of adjustments and came up with this recipe: 
Apple cake
makes 7" cake
Equipment: hand blender, bowl, 7" cake pan.
4 apples pealed and sliced thinly+
3 tbsp honey
1tsp lemon juice
1 cinnamon
3 eggs (I use duck eggs for cakes)

Chocolate Covered Caramel - GAPS, Paleo, Grain/Gluten Free

With Christmas fast approaching I wanted to start looking for some recipes that will help us not fall of the wagon too much during the festivities.  This caramel recipe is so easy to make and very versatile.  It is also incredibly yummy and with only 3 main ingredients it hands down beats shop bought toffee with e numbers or preservatives in it.  The only downside is that I have not been able to make this work without dairy.  Also goats butter did not work.  I will keep experimenting though.

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