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Coconut - uses and products

Coconut in its many guises are used a lot in the GAPs, SCD and Paleo diets.  It is incredibly versatile, replacing dairy and wheat/gluten based products in many recipes.  The best thing about coconut is also that it is incredibly good for you.  High in fibre and easily digestible good saturated fats (needed for gut repair and hormone production) it provides excellent nutrition, not to mention its antibacterial properties that also benefit the outside of your body as well as the inside.

How good for you is Dairy

We live in a “Milk is Good” culture, where post WW2, milk and milk products are marketed to us as ways to make sure we  have strong bones, healthy teeth, can prevent diabetes and can also help make us slim.  This wonder product is also essential for the healthy development of our children with many mothers choosing to give children cows milk based formulas instead of breast milk.  However milk can cause: asthma, eczema, constipation, rhinitis, diabetes, osteoporosis, crohns disease, IBS, arthritis, heart disease, colon and breast cancer & sudden infant death.

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